Accelerate your FX Business

Forexly provides business intelligence & risk management for professional FX & option traders.

product: option expirations
Trading intelligence

Have better trading insights

Turn your trading data into an insights powerhouse. Explore your complex data on the fly. Have a easy way to analyze all of your trading from disparate brokers in one place. With Forexly you'll get:

  • Broker independant reporting
  • Position keeping
  • Daily profit & loss sweeps
  • Realised & open PnL
  • Swap/rollover/commision fees
  • Option expirations
Modern FX backoffice

Boost your team performance

Forexly empowers you to automate your operations, connect with customers and providers, and manage a modern FX businesses. Get rid of those messy excels and let your team focus on what they do best. Forexly provides:

  • Team dashboards
  • Read-only users
  • Modern cloud platform
  • Broker independant setup

Risk Management

Monitor your options

See in a glance which FX derivatives expirations are at risk and what the impact is on your positions. Explore the impact of future rate predictions. Define your own future rate scenario's or import them from central banks.

Connect to your brokers

Manual trade entry

Add trades manual for low volumes. Interface features multiple mechanisms to minimize human data entry errors.

CSV uploads

Import any data with CSV drag and drop or automate data integration with scheduled import.

API integration

Connect your trading platform via backend api connections to automatically sync all your trades.

Feel safe with our secure platform

We take security serious. Forexly is build on top of the Google Cloud platform (GCP) to maximize reliability and security. All your data is stored encypted and for authentication we use the proven OAuth2 standard with multi factor authentication.

What are traders saying


An amazing tool for our organization. Forexly gave us realtime insights we never had before. The easy and visual presentation of our trades provided the feedback we needed to increase our performance.”

Wil van Esch
Managing director

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